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Blue Pebble Education offers a range of bespoke creative curriculum planning services, including:


Curriculum reviews - let us cast an independent, specialist eye over your current curriculum and approaches to planning.  We will provide feedback highlighting both existing strengths and areas for development, and will include bespoke sample ideas. Prices vary according to your school’s needs, but start at £350 for all subjects within one year group, or one subject across all year groups. (All regions)


Curriculum development sessions - in-school support and guidance on developing planning and curriculum across year groups and phases to ensure continuity and creativity. Prices vary according to your school’s needs, but start at £350 for a Key Stage specific twilight session. (Essex and London regions)


Curriculum and planning development mentoring - a personalised mentoring service based on your in-school approaches to planning, supporting individual teachers keen to develop more effective, creative planning skills. One-to-one mentoring sessions and advice over the period of a term (as the equivalent of attending a one day CPD training course). Prices start at £420 for 7 sessions. (South Essex region)

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Tel: 07815 313311